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My favorite cruises; so far: In order of "most enjoyed"

1. China/Asia Cruise - China, Korea, Japan
2. Alaska
3. South America - Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay
4. Eastern Mediterranean - Italy, Greece, Turkey, Black Sea
5. Eastern Med - Egypt, Israel, Middle East
6. Western Med - Spain, Portugal, North Africa, France
7. Tahiti/Polynesia
8. Baltic Sea
9. Southern Caribbean - Aruba, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, Curacao
10.Western Caribbean
11.Mexican Riviera
12.Eastern Caribbean

Cruises on my "to do" or go back list. In no real order.

1. Australia/New Zealand
2. South America - Around the Horn
3. Southeast Asia - Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore
4. Eastern Med - Italy and Turkey
5. Transatlantic

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