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Call me anything you want - I still despise Twitter.

Who these days is so addicted to new information input - or incapable of assimilating important details, that they actually prefer having a 154 character limitation?

texting is not new - it is as old as AOL chatrooms. It is email. But it also carries ridiculous extra charges, and we know teenagers to text to people who are right across the room.

Not to mention the car accidents.

I don't care what others want to do. I will text people, I just don't need to learn the language.

Have you noticed most of those sayings are trite comments. When I text it is "meet me at noon - Wendy's on Main"

Is it necessary to add

n do un2 othrs azu do 2u?

I think not! (luddite - geeze, this generation invented the Internet).
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