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I have absolutely no problem with new technology. I live it, use it and understand it more than 98% of the population. Automation and communication technology has changed and, for the most part improved, the way we run our businesses and live our lives and it has been one of the best things to happen since the invention of the steam engine.

The issue is that I often see it abused. With "new" forms of communication that are supposed to increase our interpersonal communication it can do the opposite and I now see that with email, texting, chat rooms and social networking, that we have devolved interpersonal communication. We have many "friends" that we know little or nothing about other than their online persona.

For many people, the days of a visit to someone's home is gone. At work people hide behind their computers and deluge others with worthless emails that either do nothing to resolve issues or inform but add time and slow getting things done. Yes, I know that people sit in worthless and endless meetings but that is the fault of the meeting coordinator and their inability to expedite a meeting but when people get together in a one hour meeting it usually ends up with a better result than emailing about the issue for five days.

Remember when networking was going to make us a "paperless" society. Yeah: Now people have to print every email they send.

Families: Text and email each other in the same house or even the same room.

I enjoy and embrace technology and it has expanded our world, and it has also shrank it, but it's the abuse and "dehumanizing" of it that I find disconcerting.

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