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I have had mostly GM vehicles. Since '74 I've owned

A '74 Cutlass Supreme, a '77 Cutlass Salon, an 82 Monte Carlo, an 84 Caprice, an 86 Monte Carlo a 96 Pontiac Grand Am and an '01 Grand Am and I've never had a serious problem with any. My 01 Grand Am still looks and runs as well as the day I purchased it and I have almost 140,000 miles on it. I still get compliments on it!

Today, the American automobile is often the equal and sometimes even surpasses the imports in quality and reliability. In short, the edge that imports used to have is pretty much going if not already gone. All you have to do is to look at Toyota and they used to be something along the lines of the gold standard. They now have so many problems it's almost comical unless you own one. I believe just a week or so ago, just when they thought everything was over, they recalled another two million.

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