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Originally Posted by texaspepper View Post
Carnival Magic Trans Atlantic October 28, 2001 Barcelona to Galveston, TX 16 Day Cruise has to be one of the best upcoming new cruises. We are researching and just about to book this cruise. History: We did the T/A Barcelona to Galveston, TX on RCL 15 Day Voyager Of The Seas 11/28/08 and loved it. Truly a quality way to cruise. So many ports and so many days at sea.

Anyone else planning this awesome cruise on the new Carnival Magic?
when you did this trip before how was the weather? did you go in oct.nov.? I found it online for may departure100 0.00 cheaper, I found it after I booked the october one of course. I'm worried about the sunshine. I guess the trip is long enough that I can wait a week or maybe it will just be five days in cool weather. I'm going mostly because i like all the entertainment on the ship anyway. excuse my typing errors I'm just to lazy to hit the captitol key and don't know how to use spell check. So tell me what you found that we all should see sightseeing. Cindy
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