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With the "new ships question" they only said what every cruise lines says "we won't rule anything out." - but I didn't really think it meant they were seriously considering it.

Let's be honest for a minute - these small ship/small line cruise lines are hard for these big cruise companies to operate. Carnival sold off Windstar, for example, and Azamara is just now getting up to speed and they had to bring in a major league talent just to operate two ships, and pay him like its a 25 ship fleet.

There were rumors that RCL wanted to sell Azamara for a few years, though they deny it.

First the line will have to be a roaring success like Oceania - then maybe they will add to the fleet. Like at Oceania's per diem cruise fares - they are about 20% higher than Azamara. Oceania has been at that level for years now.
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