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Paul, I sense your enthusiasm, and I think it's wonderful. I hope you get to do Asia soon and that you can repeat some of these cruises that you have been on before and enjoyed. If I have enough time and money in the upcoming years I may put some of these cruises on my to do list.

My daughter is a junior in high school. She's planning on studying to be an architect when she goes to college. The place she wants to study offers international study after the third or fourth year (it's a five year program with a two year internship) and the choices are Mexico City and Rome. Well, she wants to go to Rome. Perhaps I'll consider a cruise from Rome if she gets to study there.

I saw the movie Mary, Queen of Scots on tv when I was 11. I thought Mary was a weenie but thought Elizabeth 1 was great. Although I had Rocky and Superman posters on my walls as a teen, my hero was Elizabeth. (Yes, I was/am strange.) I was a history major in college and wanted to teach history at college level, but a chronic illness took that dream away.You can sort of see where my first interest is. I am planning/saving for a long land trip in the UK sometime in the next five years. After that, maybe some of these other places will set me on fire. I may need to win the lotter if they do!

As for the (Caribbean) islands, I can intellectually see where going to the same place over and over might take away some of the charm, but as a newbie it's hard to imagine not enjoying the islands. As I said, I hope you get to do these other places soon and that you enjoy them a lot.
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