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Nice view and picture and do not tell me if I book a balcony for smokers in the future I'll have to prove I smoke as in a means test. To me its like taking a ride on a steam locomotive as it round the curve , smoke belching out for all those with their heads out the window. Lovely...

" After all, for a comprise to work, there has to be a compromise :-) "
Ah, the Canadian way, a dual compromise.

" Of course they could just set a policy or no smoking anywhere, and let smokers decide if they choose to cruise on the ship or not. As a smoker I'd be ok with that too. It would eliminate the doubt and I'd make the decision "

They tried that few years ago on one of the Carnival lines and they lost monies and had to police the ship for smokers if I remember , so back to the revenue stream.
Your right, it can be the next step but a ship contains a mixture of folks from different countries and cultures so if you expect a lot of Greeks or Russia's and some Europeans on your cruise , might not happen if they cannot smoke.

I used to be a smoker and still lean closely to the pugent smell of a pipe and now I follow the trail of a cologne as a beautiful woman walks by.
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