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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Sapphire Princess - March 4
" This gentleman was also traveling with a group of friends, one of whom is also traveling with a service dog (in her case a seeing eye guide dog), and apparently she has cruised with Princess quite frequently because she loves the way the line takes care of the needs of her aide dog.

So whether your single or recently widowed, or in need of traveling with a service animal, there’s no need to avoid looking at cruise to satisfy your vacation needs.

It’s always a bit “interesting” to hear stories from the wait staff. Our waiter is a veteran of the industry; this being his 16th ten month long contract with Princess. .

We of course also had the mandatory discussion about what long hours the wait staff are required to work. And, indeed they do work very long hours, with split shifts, seven days a week throughout their contracts, with very little time off and very minimal base salaries. But frankly I think those discussions are a bit out of place to have with passengers. It’s a bit too much like : “I work very hard, so tip me extra”.

They do work hard, and I’m happy to tip (and extra if service is superb), but let’s face it, the total income is fairly reasonable, compared to what he could make on land at home, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the midst of his 16th contract with Princess.

When engaged by the passengers the crew should certainly feel comfortable talking about their lives, their families, etc. However, I think talk of salaries should be kept out of it. Everyone (except me) works very hard for whatever money they make, and I don’t think the crew want to hear about all your financial struggles in life to get you to the point that you can afford a cruise.
A harsh position? Perhaps.
Nice point about the service dog, was not aware Princess allowed. Good for them, a good policy.

I agree, if the work was that hard and not paying well, one would not be into their 16th year. As one of the younger waiters told me when I chatted with her in the buffet, I chose this job even though I'm working the buffet before I do the fixed dining tonight. Her husband (she called him "my Prince" (I wish) worked a few tableas away from us and were going on a months vacation between contracts, both in their twenties.

Crew appreciate when they have the time , if passengers chat about families and different experiences but not if you talk about what it took for you to pay for the cruise.

Have a great day
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