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Default Customs

Originally Posted by Trip View Post
So, the reason your wife is disappointed, is they did not live up to the time frame,and being mailed to NY, instead your I would ask you this now.

Does she love the ring?
Did you get a good price?
Is going through all that will come, worth the time, effort and aggravation?
The $100.00 sure sweetens the pot, for a small bauble the next time.

If she answers yes to all the above, I say let her enjoy the ring, and forget about it Just my 2 cents now, after all has been said and done.
I thought the ring was still in transit somewhere or she refused to accept otherwise one cannot cancel the purchase via the CC folks.
Sure, if all the womanly logic prevails , emotions aside , then enjoy but if the ring is still in transit, will the US Customs via US Postal want to charge as their trip is over and I assume a declaration was made.
In Canada, you would have to declare to void the potential charge if it is a ring vs. a rock.

ps" Trip, I miss Boston,,, was a great city to see when we visited my daughter fora week prior to a cruise and we even experienced the price of an unscheduled overnight stay in Brigham and Womans Hospital
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