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Tell Bruce and you granddaughter a Very Happy Birthday from the village idiot in East Tennessee!

Here is irrefutable proof that I belong in "The Home."

Night before last I was writing (just "stuff") that I file away to serve as proof for Medicare and my insurance to pay the freight when they finally come to haul me off to the instituion. Thinking it was about eleven and looking and finding it was three in the morning, I went to bed.

My Niece Adelaide awoke me with her morning phone call around 8:30 and I got up. I realized I had to get things together for a friend who is a CPA who does our taxes. I dreaded it. But I start. Looking for medical stuff, I'm going through four inch thick folders that Fran had kept of records. I can't make heads or tails of it. By 11pm the kitchen truly looked like a house in Oklahoma after a tornado had passed through. By now, I'm doing something I hadn't done in years. I'm chain smoking so much that I'm lighting one with sometimes a just lit one in the ash tray. Now I have been at this for 11 hours. I've been smoking since Fran died, not much, only about half a pack a day and I shall stop in the near future. But yesterday I was "eating" the things.

I finally (duhhh....) decided to get out last year's folder to see what I really needed that was important. I do and I'm stunned. I only needed about nine documents all of which I had set aside first thing when I started!

I then realized I hadn't got the mail. I go down in the pouring rain and get the mail and the paper which seemed kind of heavy. When I get inside I noticed it was Saturday's paper and thought, that's strange, it usuallycomes around 4:30am because it normally doesn't go to press until around midnight and Friday's paper wasn't in the box. It still doesn't click. I just decide there's a problem at the paper or they got done early.

I decided I needed a drink, probably eight or nine doubles. Thankfully God Is Good so if only only for a split second common sense took over and I realized that was the LAST thing I needed. I then went to bed around 1am.

I get up this morning and realize there are some bills I want to mail. So, again in the pouring rain with a jacket over my pajamas, I trudge down to the mailbox wanting to get them in the box before the mail lady comes. My neighbor, who is pulling out of his driveway slowly drives by giving me a very strange look.

I come back up the hill and check what time my Nationwide series race comes on in Las Vegas. I check the Nascar site and suddenly there is a picture of the winner of the race, Mark Martin. I wondered why they ran it on Friday afternoon.

All of a sudden I start thinking...."Oh please no!" I move my cursor down to the lower right hand corner and.......................after a full day and a half realize I've been behind an entire day. I mean everybody loses track of time but this is Guiness Book of World Records stuff.

Then comes a knock at the door. I open and there are two EMS guys one holding a canvas like garment with ropes hanging from it and sporting "We're ready!" looks on their faces and there's an ambulance in the driveway. I then realize the garment is what is medically known as a camisole (you'd probably recognize the term strait jacket), something I had much experieince in using at one point in my life.

I assure them I'm fine, everything's okay. With relief on their faces they leave. I guess it was my neighbor who made the call. They've always been really concerned for me since Fran died.

Hope everyone has a marvelous Sunday (it is Sunday isn't it?). Prayers and Blessings, as always, continue.

Trip, can I come for dinner? Nevermind, at this stage I know you'd be too frightened to invite me.

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