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I think we are on the same cruise.. April 15th? Anyway, this will be my second time on this ship. Loved it. Travelling with my wife and 6 year old son. This is RCCL's smallest and oldest ship, but you can't tell. 2 years ago it looked very young and they really keep it up well. There's plenty for a kid to do. They have programs for all ages and even a nightclub for his age with no parents allowed. He might like that. Staff is stellar as always, food is great. There's always the pool, he probably won't like the shows, the beach day is good for anybody and you can both enjoy Nassau for a few hours. I was never bored on the ship, but then I never had to entertain a teenager either. Feel free to ask specific questions, I pretty familiar with this ship having been on it and it's sister ship, the Sovereign.
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