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I agree that it helps to have something at the dining table to occupy young children as soon as you get to your dining table. Last March we took our 4 year old granddaughter on the Fascination and I arranged with the Matre' D to have a plate with chedar cheese and crackers and another plate with fruit (mostly mellons) at the table along with a bowl of Ranch Dressing to dip things in. Each night there were 2 plates waiting for us when we arrived at the table and the Matre' D came by each meal to ask "her" if there was anything else that she needed. She was like the queen of the prom and we never had a minutes trouble with her the whole cruise. Also, someone else mentioned a small blow up pool to take out on deck with you but I have seen other posts about using a small pool in the shower as a tub for small children that do not like showers. It might be something to think about.
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