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Originally Posted by ONESPIRIT555 View Post
Do you still need a roommate?
Or even two roomates. I am looking for a very inexpensive cruise to get to France and sometimes we can get a very good price for the third person (of course we would split the total amount in 3). My best friend now lives in France and if I could take a cruise that get there, it would be much more fun than flying.

I am a 32 year-old white female; not married but I am in a serious relationship so I don't go on a cruise to find a man. I am very respectful of others, do not smoke or snore. I like to play bridge, I enjoy dinners in good company and I might enjoy the night life a few times during the cruise even if I am far from a party animal.

I haven't checked with my boss for time off yet so everything would need to be reconfirmed if you are interested.
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