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Default trading 100 shares for next booking credits

I purchased 100 shares of RCL @ $7 when the market crashed a few years ago. Have already received >$700 in OBCs.
Will buy next booking program credits on my upcoming May, 2011 JewelOTS cruise. Then sell my 100 shares when I get home. Shareholder credits and next booking credits are not combinable. With $4000 to $5000 I can buy plenty of next booking cruise credits. Downside is next credits cannot be used across all RCCL lines as shareholder credit can.

Paul I am after reading your comment of last summer, "We had a great run from the ridicilous selloff of 2009, but if you didnt take profits a few months ago you certainly missed the top." Stock was high of $38 then. Price topped off @ $50 a few weeks ago, has since backed off to $44 w/the price of oil.
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