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Originally Posted by Barryn514 View Post
Just got off this Spirit this morning and we were glad we decided to go with the suite. I just don't like being in close quarters and the suite was larger then the standard belcony stateroom. One thing that I liked was the double sinks in the bathroom so didn't have to wait for the wife when getting ready. She liked the dressing area as well.

Was told that the suites are even larger on the Dream which we will be sailing in Oct.

On another topic, why have rules for the MDR, when they are NOT enforced.
I am the same as you. Even though there are not a lot of amenities with a Carnival suite I like to have the extra room. You do get more for your money on other lines but the Carnival suites are nice cabins. When I cruised with my daughter on the Pride it made things so much easier with the separate dressing area where we each could dress in private and she could do her makeup.

People spend more time in their cabin then they believe. If you add up the time you are in the cabin it will add up to over twelve hours (for most people). I would prefer to spend those twelve hours in comfort and not feel cramped.

The dress code thing is something that has been debated for years and no one has come up with a solution. Until the cruise lines enforce it we can only complain.

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