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Originally Posted by lovepumpkin View Post

From the Princess website:
"We kindly request that you do not bring alcoholic beverages (other than wine and/or champagne) onboard for consumption.

Alcoholic beverages sourced from shore-side and brought onboard, no matter where sourced, will be collected at the gangway for safekeeping and will be delivered to the passenger's stateroom on the last day of the cruise.

A member of the ship's security staff will be at the gangway to assist passengers with the storage of their alcoholic beverage purchases. The only exception to the above rule, is that passengers are permitted to bring one bottle of wine and/or champagne per person purchased in a shoreside location onboard. If the wine and/or champagne is brought to the dining room for consumption, a $15.00 per bottle corkage fee will be applied to the passenger's shipboard account. We prefer that passengers bring wine/champagne no larger than 750ml, however, magnums are acceptable. Wine in a box is not encouraged.

Passengers are also permitted to consume the wine and/or champagne in the privacy of their stateroom only, but it may not be brought into any public lounge for consumption.

Please note that any wines and champagnes supplied from the ship's stock to passengers would not be subject to a corkage fee."

Kuki - It's been so fun reading this virtual cruise! I'll be sailing on the Sapphire in May to Alaska! I have a quick question for you. Are there any stereos in the staterooms or something I can hook up my iPod to to play music while in the stateroom? Thank you in advance and have a great rest of your trip!
Thank you for the info. My wife and I thought we could bring a bottle of wine onboard at each port.
Is there free internet access at ports of call? Seems like on our Alaskan cruise we were able to access the internet for free once we were docked.
Have been enjoying Kuki reports and pics.
Later in Life,
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