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Default Brooklyn Terminal

Originally Posted by Ken7 View Post
Hi Guys,
Newbie Question

My Wife and I are going on our first Cruise on Princess May 26th. Our Cruise leaves the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in New York City. One of the things we are unsure about is whether we should drive into NY and park at the Terminal Parking Garage or pay for a Livery service, (prices so far look very expensive, around $600 for a round trip using a Livery service). We live in Northwest Connecticut, and I was told our drive would be about 2.5 hours if the traffic is not bad.

I called the Brooklyn Terminal and got a recording saying that they never fill up the parking garage and parking will not be a problem followed by instructions on how to unload at the terminal and then drive to the garage to park etc. Their fees are $23 the first day and $20 every day after. And for our 9 day Cruise, money wise thatís much cheaper.

I was wondering if anyone has parked their vehicle at the Brooklyn Terminal and how safe it was etc. and or would you recommend or know of a service from Connecticut to the Terminal that is not too expensive.

Thanks for any help,
I lived in Brooklyn 59 years and I would NOT leave a car in that area for more than several hours .Do you know anyone residing in NYC where you can leave your car ? I would also check with as many car service companies as possible in your area .Another suggestion ,possibly get a friend or relative to drive you to the area .
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