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Good morning everyone!

It's a standard early March day here. Cloudy and chance of snow is in the forecast.

Not much on the agenda today. Maybe I'll celebrate Mardi Gras and run around and lift my shirt up. I'll either score some beads, land in jail or be hit with a tranquilizer dart by animal control. Crazed, furry, creatures don't usually last long around here.

Laura, I'm sorry to hear about Lorraine and I'm sorry for yours and Patty's loss.

Beenie: Many, many years ago the snooze alarm ban went into effect in our house. My day would start around 4:30 a.m. and I would hit the snooze button two or three times. Betty literally put her foot down. She didn't have to get up at that time so when the alarm went off I had better get out of bed or I'd have a foot in the middle of my back pushing me out of bed. Since then, if the alarm goes off I'm up.

Moraine: I guarantee that you'll look back at the nights of having to rock the puppy with fond memories. That doesn't help the lack of sleep now but it will.

I hope all Cruisemates have a great "Fat Tuesday" and a wonderful rest of the week.

Take care,
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