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Originally Posted by DIGNAIC View Post
very much off topic, but seeing that you have cruise so many times with children, I would like to ask you. My hubby and I are wanting to take our kids on a cruise next year, they will be 3 and 4, we are also looking at carnival. do you think it will be hard to cruise with them at that age or is it okay..thanks-K
Sorry it took so long to answer....we were on the Glory on the Blogger's Cruise.

We started cruising with our 2 boys when they were 5 and 8 and we have always been pleased with the care they received.

Our youngest son has Autism, so I am OCD overprotective.

At the age of 3 and 4, they will be in the same age group at Camp Carnival.

Do be aware that Camp Carnival is not open on Embarkation Day (except for the 10PM-3AM babysitting for a fee of $6 per hour for the first child and $4 an hour for additional children),

The Camp Carnival that is included in your cruise fare starts at 9AM the next morning and continues until 10PM. Again, all for free.

A typical Sea Day for us was up around 8AM for breakfast. The boys would go to Camp Carnival from 9AM - noon. I would pick them up for lunch and some swimming until around 2PM. At 2pm, it was back to Camp Carnival until 5pm. I would pick them up for dinner. They always ate dinner with us....although I understand that Camp Carnival will feed them dinner so that parents can have a nice meal alone. I know they do this on Formal Night.

After dinner, they would go back to Camp Carnival from 7 - 10pm. Sometimes we took advantage of the 10pm-3am babysitting for a fee...sometimes we did not.

On Port days....we would have breakfast and do an excursion as a family.
We would be back on the ship around 1 or 2 ... have lunch ....swim and then they would do Camp Carnival that night from 7pm - 10 pm. However, I know lots of parents that do excrusions without the kids since Camp Carnival is open while the ship is in port.

IF you do an excursion without the kids, I would recommend that you ONLY do a ship excursion. That way the ship is in contact with you at all times.

Both of our boys LOVED Camp Carnival. They would pitch a fit when they had to leave.

Do be prepared for a little bit of a wait to check in and get on the ship on Embarkation Day. I would suggest arriving about 1:30pm to avoid the crowds if you don't have a suite .... ( a suite gives you VIP Check In).

Hope that helps....

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