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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
I don't want to do a political rant here but I lost a good friend on 911 and I myself was supposed to be at the WTC that morning but for a quirk of fate my plans were cancelled .

I read everything about the events of that day . Some of the most respected people on this planet believe the conspiracy theories .

To say that you wish the worst for people you disagree with is disgusting to me . If you said that about OBL ,I would understand .
Be disgusted then, having witnessed 9/11 from up close and personal, I have no respect for those who claim the government caused 9/11. It is beyond political, it is personal and I perceive them to be in league with OBL and his gang.

I don't care how respected those who belive the 9/11 conspiracies are, for them I have none, nil, nada. It is nothing but the "Hate America" cabal at their worst.

If one is going to embrace conspiracy theories stick to UFOs, Area 51 and that Bigfoot killed President Kennedy while hiding on the grassy knoll.

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