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Sapphire Princess - March 8
This morning during breakfast Mrs. Kuki was looking at the Princess Patters, and noted that this evening was the crew talent show. She wondered out loud when they had time to rehearse.

Now I understand why it took so long to get my Hot Chocolate last night; in the midst of the trip to get it our assistant waiter had gone to rehearsal.

This morning’s breakfast was a delicious, freshly made to order omelet from the Trident Grill (used for hamburgers, hotdogs, and such during the afternoons), accompanied by thinly sliced grilled potatoes, which were also delicious. My wait; about 3 minutes.

Though it’s mentioned in the Princess Patters, not many people have discovered this spot for breakfast, preferring to eat the ready made eggs (sitting on warming plates) from the Horizon Court buffet.

As I sat pool-side enjoying my coffee and breakfast, and checking email on my laptop I was truly amazed at how many motorized scooters and walkers that went by. God bless these people for still having the spirit to travel, and cruise ships for supplying a relatively easy means for them to do so.

I truly mean that, but I tend to let my thoughts roam and entertain me. As a result I began thinking about when they disembark in Los Angeles. It’s going to look a lot like the motorized scooter Indianapolis 500.

On the serious side; I imagine it is going to present some logistical problems for the staff, as they’ll all require elevators and assistance.

The weather this afternoon was excellent, and somewhat unexpected at this time in the cruise, and people were most certainly out soaking up the sunshine.

At 4:30 P.M. we held a CruiseMates get together in the Wheelhouse Bar that was very well attended by the group. We found a winner for our Ugly Aloha Shirt contest, gave answers and awarded a prize to the winning team for our Dinner Table Trivia, which we’d handed out earlier in the cruise for people to work on with the tablemates, and we combined a gift exchange with this event as well. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Tonight’s dinner service was excellent, and giving it some thought, I believe I’ve determined why last night’s was not. The Captain’s Circle cocktail was last night, and on that sailing I believe that would likely mean 98% of passengers were invited. And it’s quite likely that the galley was busy preparing for and dealing with that party, while still trying to service the dining room. That’s not a good excuse, but likely the cause.

It was “Italian Night” in the dining room, and on most cruise lines I’ve found that is the weakest menu of the cruise. Not on Princess. The selection looked wonderful and the food tasted even better. I ate so much, I seriously (if you can believe it) could not eat dessert. The standout tonight in my mind was the veal scaloppini.

The Princess Theater continues to be an issue, with people lining up even before 7:30 for the 8:15 show, and the room being overfull, with people sitting in the aisles and standing well before the show begins. For its purpose the theater is cramped and uncomfortable.

I saw quite an elderly lady standing, so I gave her my seat, and I left the theater. Following the comedy show, was the “crew talent show”, at 10:15 P.M. After the comedy show ended, many people simply stayed in the theater to assure themselves a seat for the next show.

The casino, on the other hand, was fairly quiet so I enjoyed my time with the friendly staff playing blackjack. Casino staff are normally very friendly, because they are not part of any auto-tipping pool. They need to earn their tips separately, and they understand friendliness is the key.

Another day at sea tomorrow, with another CruiseMates get together planned at 4:30 P.M. to give out the prizes in the door decorating contest, and socialize. Someone had requested a question and answer session with me, and 1 other person thought it was a good idea, so we’re going to have a session with the two of them… and anyone else who wants to stick around.
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