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Originally Posted by robh View Post
Thank you for all your posts and pictures.
Do you write the notes in word and then paste into the comment thread. Your pictures I assume are off your flash card and then resized for loading into a virtual online window so you can paste into the comment box.

Did you know that Charlie Sheen was let go, but signed a deal with a new company.
Charlie Sheen won?t go quietly -

Could you not ask for a refund on your Hot Chocolate and tell your waiter of your displeasure as I can see it being late but not COLD
Sounds like he forgot to pick it up.

Quite correct in leave the elevators for those who really need it, could be us one day.

Today is Mardi Gras or Shove Tuesday for Pancakes, bangers and bacon

take care / Cheers Rob
I never said my hot chocolate arrived cold. Just took awhile. I drank most of it, would have finished, but didn't want the late seating diners sitting in my lap.

And why anyone, on a cruise or not, would give a hoot about what Charlie Sheen is doing, is beyond me!
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