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Originally Posted by MAMABOSS View Post
Hey Kuki,

Just want to butt in here a moment to say my whole party is in complete agreement with the horizon court breakfast for sure. Always cold sometimes to the point of unedible. Such a shame. Ship is beautiful and well kept. I have found all the service outside of the dining room outstanding. Dining room not so much, but not too bad. The anytime dining is not going well as you must make a reservation to eat early. Never experienced this on previous 5 cruises. All in all we are having a great time! Thanks for letting me butt in! Cindy
I'm delighted for you to "butt in" (though I'm not sure I would have done it with the ship's slow internet ), but I've been encouraging everyone in our CruiseMates group to come by the Virtual Cruise when they get home and share their opinions and experiences.

I do agree with you, that outside of the dining room the service has been excellent! Our cabin steward has been excellent; room service has been incredibly fast; bar servers etc. very good, etc etc etc.

The Assistant Group Coordinator, Relenson Noche has provided superb service; sending out all the invites and activities to our events to everyone's cabins. I've had other lines charge me to do this, but here it's all been efficiently and happily taken care of.
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