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Internet service might be slow at night from your view because that is also the time all the daily charges and verification with the credit card companies are performed amongst other uses. My thought ....

On our recent Sea Princess trip,
Food wise, we were a table of ten while the same two servers also served around us a table of four and the other one was a table of six I believe.
What they tended to do was start with the table that arrived first as in everybody was seated. After the first / second night they would ask those who had not ordered an appetizer if they wanted to wait for their soup or salad or be served at same time.
As a large table, it was probably us ordering wine and drinks that would cause one of the servers to be away for awhile delaying the food being served in a more quicker time. What seemed to help was they started to have other waiters come around for water and coffee and as you say the asst waiter finally got in the act.
Removing the drinks person I really think , especially for large tables, causes time issue for the two servers looking after 16- 20 people.

In terms of the Princess Theatre, being an 830pm 2nd seating table we barely made it especially if you had to be present 15-30 minutes ahead to get a seat. The worst thing to my mind was no side aisles , only the centre aisle to navigate long rows.

Enjoy your last few days
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