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What terrible news to wake up to this morning. Praying for all in the line of the storm.
We have a coating of snow today, only on the ground, roads are clear. I was awakened early by a call from D/D letting me know that I would not have my little grandaughter today. Seems she has caught the crud that is going around here and was up all night vomiting. Poor baby. She has a Dr. appt at 11:30 so I will ride along in case she becomes ill again and needs someone to do clean up duty. Just hoping it is a quick passing crud.
D/H was out the door before 7 with the fellow who is buying his business. Since my D/H is an independant route man there are several things that need to be worked out with the main warehouse where all the product comes from. They are meeting with the manager there right now getting all that paperwork in order. If all goes well by the 1st of April D/H will be retired. Then he can start working on my honey-do list!!!!
RD- have safe travels and have one of those umbrella drinks for me. It's been tooooo long since I've had one.

Everyone have a good day and pray for those folks in Japan, Hawaii and the West Coast.

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