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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
I think If the cruise line is going to charge you 10.50 a day I would rather pay that in the price of the cruise instead of having it put on my account balance! We did not put are cruise on a credit card we saved up the cash then paid.That way you could save up for the tips to. It seems there are alot of diffrent opions on this matter wonder how it would work if they gave you options on how to pay for the tips like on your account or in price of cruise?Seems like it would be a hassle to go around and hand tips out to every single person you wanted to tip! Oh we are every excited about are vacition Kukis reports helped us out so much!
And many feel the same as you do, but personally I prefer it NOT being in the cruise fare.... I can then decide if I prefer to tip on my own....leave it on....adjust it up or down..... and the current method gives that flexibility. Whenever we cruise.... we always plan for gratuities and coome prepared with c.card or cash in hand !
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