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Suites don't get priority tendering.

I think they generally say allow 45 minutes if not on a ship tour. It is only about a 5 minute ride, however.

It is trivial for an individual to "sneak" onto an early tender - they don't check that closely and stickers are always falling off. As long as you aren't a large group stuck to each other, that is always an option.

There will be a procedure for non-ship tour people to follow - stand in line for tender stickers and such. Not everyone has to wait in line, but everyone has to be together and ready to go once your tender number is called. While one is waiting in line, another can go fetch breakfast from Lido and bring back to the person waiting.

Anyway, the procedure will be published in the daily paper which you will receive the night before.

Before I was Platinum, I might have printed my own tender stickers at home before the cruises. :evil:
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