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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
I understand what you are saying my view is that we did not put our cruise on a credit card it was paid for in cash .We feel it is more relaxing to go on the cruise and have it already paid If I would of known that you could put money on your OBC I would of done that. And we do not use credit cards we have 2 for emergencys but if we want to take a trip or buy something(besides a car or our house of course) we just save up the money.And just because they dont take the money for the tips until the end of the cruise you are still stepping on board with a bill even if it is due at the end of the cruise its still a bill. We will not be using a CC for our on board account. we will put money in a checking account and use a debit card
Yes, it is in reality a charge you will incur. I would strongly suggest NOT using a debit card..... too may potential problems i.e. "compromise or theft" which some banks will not protect you from. Also consider the "authorization hold" that will be placed on your debit card account that can take days to be released (freeing up funds in account) by your bank. Debit cards can be a nightmare and believe me when I say that I have been told horror stories from clients using them onboard or in a port of call. JMHO and worth thinking about.

Personally I would opt for a c.card for onboard charges, then pay in cash at the end of your cruise if you do not want that bill hanging over your head till you get the c.card statement from your bank.
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