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Happy Mojita Monday to the Last Gang!!

Sorry I've been away so long, the week before the cruise my home was broken into and I was robbed. They took jewelery & my laptop. I was not at home, but my little dogs were. Thank God they didn't hurt them, just took what they could carry and get rid if easily. It's been a very trying experience, one I NEVER want to go through again!

I went on the cruise anyway, nothing could be accomplished by not going! The cruise was a blast!!!!! I don't think any of us didn't have a great time. I loved Grand Turk & Jack's Shack, loved San Juan ... C-Sis & Julian & I did the walking tour of old San Juan & the fort. That was great!!! Nassau was ok ... not really impressed, however Atlantis was beautiful, very pricey, but beautiful. What I saw of St Thomas, I have no need to go back there again, unless maybe to visit St John??

I have replaced my computer, but am still waiting for internet service, once that's taken care of I may be able to post some pics.

I don't know when I will be able to catch up with all that's happend in the past 3 weeks ... y'all will have to fill jme in on the important things! I've missed the last gang!

But why is the rum gone? ~ Capt. Jack Sparrow

also booked: 10/10/13 Carnival Victory B2B, 01/12/14 Carnival Sunshine
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