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Caribe deck... you came out good on that "guarantee" location ! I was on the Crown in Feb..... nice ship, my boiggest complaint was the passenger flow in the Horizon Court buffet food area...... things just unorganized as to what should be besides one another i.e. bread in one area, but butter in another area...salad in one area...dressing in another area....very congested and confusing.

Ship is gorgeous and I think you will be impressed with all she has to offer including that great balcony ! If you can swing it, book an Ultimate Balcony Dining experience.... well worth the $50.00 p/p cost !!!

Have a GREAT CRUISE and I hope you are able to stop in Roatan... that port is missed alot due to the high winds and narrow slot to slip the ship into. We were unable to stop there due to high winds and sea conditions... was disappointed to say the least and another sea day was added..... : (
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