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Originally Posted by mrsmommi View Post
i know the mayans excursion said we would stop off at at beach? do you know is that a nice beach and how much time you get there?
we really wanted to do something that or either jsut doing the playa mia beach thing?
If memory serves, after the tour guide lets you go, there's at least an hour or more of free time before your bus is set to leave. Myself and my friend just wandered around the ruins even more, since that is what I was there for. Then went and had a margarita. :-p When I get a chance, I will look at the time stamps on the pictures I took to see if I can get a better feel for it. Just know that it does take up the *whole* port time. The ferry left maybe 30m after we were off the ship, and when we got back, we had maybe 20 - 30m, which was just enough time to hit up Duty Free, then I don't even remember if we showered before going to the lido deck for dinner, since we had missed any chance of MDR dining.

But it was worth it. I wouldn't do it again, since I've seen them now, but I am so very glad I did.

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