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Originally Posted by Kellswood View Post
Hi all!

My husband and I are taking our first-ever cruise in May (NCL Spirit, from New Orleans). He is diabetic. He has a micro-fridge to keep his insulin chilled in our room, but will need to re-freeze a freezer pack nightly to carry when off the ship. (I'm assuming there is no fridge/freezer in the tiny staterooms.)

How do people handle this? I doubt there's a public freezer anywhere. Do we make friends with kitchen staff or what? Sticking the freezer pack into an ice bucket won't re-freeze it. I'm sure we are not the first to have this issue, but I haven't seen it addressed anywhere.

Thanks for any advice!
just notify the special needs department prior to sailing and explain the situation and they will handle it. By the way, the SPirit does not have refridges in the cabins, but you can request one for this reason. Again, notify the special needs dept.

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