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Almost ignorant here. While I knew there was a 'formal night,' on the ship, and I also knew there was "captain's (meet & greet)" night, I didn't put them together, and I didn't read my FunTimes to know that they were the same night.
Fortunately, a companion (her first cruise) wanted to do 'captain's night,' so we dressed for that, then headed to the diningroom (the boys, oblivious to the fact that the two were different 'events' on the ship and thought that it was "captain's dinner") any rate, we got lucky and we were already dressed properly for formal dinner (and never actually made it to the captain's meet & greet- sigh). For the record, the boys had on nice khakis and loafers with collared jackets, and we both had on long sundresses with sandals.

Long story even longer, had we not been dressed properly, we certainly would have opted out of dining room fare that night, or gone back and changed. I do like dressing up (not completely to the nines, but maybe 7.5 or 8 ), but if I wasn't, I respect the policy and would certainly 'comply.'
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