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The SUN is shinning and burning off all the thick fog we had early this AM. It is to be a great spring day here. I am so ready for it.
Our little grandaughter has been sick for about 5 days and last night she finally started feeling better. This bug that is going around has hit so many young and old with many having to be hospitalized for a day or so to kick it. We were lucky and she just had to wait it out even if she didn't like taking the fluids and meds the Dr. gave her. Thankfully her Mom was finally able to get a good nights sleep last night.
Prayers continue for those poor folks in Japan. It breaks my heart to see the photos of what they are having to go through. It will be months or even years before they can get back to any type of normal.

Todd- glad to hear you too are getting a good weather break. Your part of the country is so beautiful I can only wish I were down there. We used to get there 2 or 3 times a year but haven't been for about 3 yrs now. Maybe when D/H finally gets retired we will get back and maybe get to stop and say HI to you.

Everyone have a great day! Happy St. Pat's Day to all.

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