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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
Even though lines may not allow discounting, it's not stopping agents throwing in Onboard Credit. I've had two quotes in the past couple of weeks, an Azamara cruise would have come with $800 OBC and a Oceania one was $900
True... many agencies will throw in some OBC, but there are limits set by some cruiselines i.e. CCL, RCI, =x= . You may also find an agency throwing in pre paid gratuities, pre paid insurance, transfers.....all TO ENTICE YOU to book with them ! And many times the cruiseline is offering that OBC and the TA is acting as the "hero" when offering it to you w/out any expense out of their pockets.

Bottom line... It pays to research as much as possible to make certain you are getting the Best BaNg for your $$ and selecting a competant TA to work with, is icing on the cake, so to speak !
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