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Ok, I know I’m far from being considered a true cruiser with only three cruises under my belt. I just don’t understand the big deal here about the importance of using a TA. For people like me this board is a little like a classroom and after reading the reasons why you should buy insurance I now wouldn’t dream of going without. So on my upcoming cruise this will be the first time traveling with insurance and it’s a good feeling just knowing I have it. I’ve come to respect the opinions of many folks on here especially Trip & Mike M.

So now I hope we could shed some light on why a TA? All I’m hearing is if something goes wrong the TA is there for you. What kind of thing are we talking about that only the TA can solve and the cruise line can’t? When I booked my last cruises I did work with a “cruise Planner” and thought she would help me if needed, did I think wrong? I would never use a travel website like Expedia or some other site. Like I said I’ve learned many thing from these boards and I ask these questions because I want to really know other than OBC why a TA is so important. I need for instance…..
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