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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
Curtis - thanks for your list. I thing each fact might need to be followed by "a good TA ..."

However, if I'm traveling to a cruise on Saturday and my TA doesn't work weekends they are unable to help me if problems arise in my travel. As others have noted in some cases the TA stands between the traveler and provider. Sometimes this is a help and sometimes it is an hinderance.
I was generalizing TA's with the facts..... A TA just doing their JOB should be able to provide everything I noted. TA's doing their job will have an alternate person to take their calls if they are away from the office, or have a cell phone that clients can contact in the case of a travel emergency. I would not say that it requires the title of a "Good" TA... just a TA that is dedicated to their profession and their clients !

And remember... it's all a matter of CHOICE by the potential client to use a TA or not after they have interviewed the TA to make certain that they will meet their needs.
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