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I was wondering how long it would take for this email to circulate around this time. WTH is vapor return? Maybe some weird California eco thing, but here in FL, there's just a metal tube at the end of the hose, nothing fancy.

The half tank thing tho, I try to follow that, but more just so that each tanking doesn't feel as expensive. I know I'm not really spending less in any given month, but I can budget better when its not as much coming out of the bank account all at once.

The real tips?

Go easy on the gas pedal. I'm not saying travel a lower speeds once you're up and running, but there's no need for a 4,000 RPM departure from a red light. I have a 5 speed manual, and when gas prices go up, my shift point goes down. I'll shift at 2k rpm instead of 3k, sometimes even less. A little less on the pedal can go a long way.

And yes, travelling at a lower speed does save gas, but on longer trips, I really don't care because I would rather get there sooner at the expense of a few pennies of gasoline. Okay, maybe a few quarters right now. :-p

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