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Originally Posted by am588 View Post
I used a TA (online) for my last cruise, and it was a NIGHTMARE! It started fine, but when it came time for my final payment, they suddenly wouldn't accept my payment (tried 3 different debit cards). After going through menu upon menu on the phone (this company primarily does airfare, and half the CSR I spoke to didn't even know the company SOLD cruises), someone was able to take my payment.

For this cruise, I'm just doing it myself directly through Carnival. I'd much prefer to deal with them directly, and already have OBC from putting a down payment on my next cruise on my last one.
So the payment was an issue.....when using a debit card that sometimes can be an issue because of banks only allowing a certain amount of funds to be withdrawn in a 24 hr. period...perhaps that was the problem, I don't know w/out knwoing the whole story. But, I certainly am sorry you had a problem with an online TA.....but you seemed happy with their planning it appears. A payment issue could have also occured if booking with the cruiseline direct too, couldn't it ?

Book the way you are comfortable with.....just be willing to be open minded for a change if a good opportunity surfaces to using a TA is all I can suggest.
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