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As I might have mentioned before , we have a wonderful "brick and mortar" TA. We have her office number and email, her home number and email, and her FAX. If she's not available there's always someone in the office to help.

We can (and do) go to her office to book a cruise (we already know what cruise, etc., we want) and also to pick up our documents.

Does she know everything about every cruise line? No, but as a Cruise Specialist, she knows more than most Travel Agents and she knows what we like. (Yesterday she sent me a link to picture's posted by someone we all know of a Cove Balcony on the Dream.)

We used AAA a couple of times when we first started cruising and I didn't realize how bad they were until we found this TA.

I might book directly with a cruiseline, or even with another "brick and mortar" agent not in our area, but I don't think I'd ever book with an online only "agent".

fun2cruiz, I think you've just pointed out the problem with an online only agent. The payment shouldn't have been an issue because a good TA will tell you what the payment options are.

Originally Posted by fun2cruiz View Post
So the payment was an issue.....when using a debit card that sometimes can be an issue because of banks only allowing a certain amount of funds to be withdrawn in a 24 hr. period...perhaps that was the problem, I don't know w/out knwoing the whole story. But, I certainly am sorry you had a problem with an online TA.....but you seemed happy with their planning it appears. A payment issue could have also occured if booking with the cruiseline direct too, couldn't it ?

Book the way you are comfortable with.....just be willing to be open minded for a change if a good opportunity surfaces to using a TA is all I can suggest.
IMHO, you can't beat a good local TA,
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