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Default Thank you they called me today! Oh my

Thank you, they called me today! WOW
QUOTE=dhudd;1303756]Yesterday I had a phone call from a "Promotional Call Center" repesenting a recent telephone Survey Research Center. The gal told me that I have just won a "Free 3 Day Cruise" to the Bahamas, ( Grand Bahamas Island). She said that she represented "Caribbean Cruise Lines". She also stated that I had to pay a port tax & fee of $59.00 for each person, $118.00 total to lock in the cruise and had to pay now or the deal was off. She wanted me to pay the $118.00 from a credit card, (she keep on asking for my card number), and told me that if I pay the $118.00 now that I have up to 18 months before I can select the cruise that I want, (she gave me an telephone number of 800-221-8200 to book my cruise). She told me the name of the ship was the "SS Bahama Celibration". I told her that I never herd of that cruise line, and that ship doesn't exist, (these are the same people that had a scam from "Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines, the ships' name was the" Regal Empress", it was scrapped in March 2009). She answered that I could just go on the internet and look up the line, (she keep on tring to say that they were part of Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines). I replied to her that there is no such line and that she was tring to scam me. I told her that I was recording our conversation and that I was going to notify the FBI. She then quickly hung-up on me.
So bottem careful of cruise scams.
You can go on line to this web site:[/QUOTE]
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