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I worked in a nursing home at the age of 14. I worked in the kitchen mostly. We had 101 beds in that facility. I had to help set up and serve meals. Then I deliviered the meals to the ones who had to eat in their rooms. I also fed a blind man who shared a room with his wife. They were Italian and spoke no english. After dinner it was my job to clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. Some of those pots were huge and hard to handle. I always got wet and dirty. Then the last thing I had to do was wash the floors. I remember the roll around bucket and huge heavy mop that I could barely lift. I did all that for .75 an hour.
There was a woman in there that I met while cleaning her room. She had a picture of Raymond Burr on her bureau. He was the star of the tv series Perry Mason. She was his Mother.

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