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Originally Posted by fun2cruiz View Post
So the payment was an issue.....when using a debit card that sometimes can be an issue because of banks only allowing a certain amount of funds to be withdrawn in a 24 hr. period...perhaps that was the problem, I don't know w/out knwoing the whole story. But, I certainly am sorry you had a problem with an online TA.....but you seemed happy with their planning it appears. A payment issue could have also occured if booking with the cruiseline direct too, couldn't it ?

Book the way you are comfortable with.....just be willing to be open minded for a change if a good opportunity surfaces to using a TA is all I can suggest.
yeah it was weird because all other payments with this card went though fine, run debit or credit. I guess the whole 'oh I didn't even know we sold cruises' from some of the CSRs I talked to scared me

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