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I began working at age 15, and haven't stopped yet.. at least part time.

First job was working the produce section at a super market, trimming vegetables, and filling displays.

Then I went into show business - I was an usher at two movie theaters.. when they had ushers.

My next job was night auditor at a hotel. (by night, I mean overnight, graveyard)

From there I went into selling men's clothing, and did that right through my first couple of years in college.

Then I worked in the bush in northern Canada for a geophysical company, analyzing the records of the daily "shoots" they did looking for oil.

During my last year at school a friend and I opened an "indoor plant hospital" (when indoor plants was all the rage in homes and offices- before fake plants took over ) we did indoor home gardens, office plant sales and maintenance, and had a greenhouse where we nursed people's large plants back to health)

After I sold out to my partner, I went into the bar and restaurant business (that lasted 30 years), and while doing that, I fell into a job writing about cruising for CruiseMates.... which is my only job now. And I'm not looking for another job now because no one would hire me
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