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"oceanview" is simply two little portholes that are not really accessible unless you crawl into the 'hole' that they put in the wall (kinda like a bay window in a house only different and deeper). You can see out of them, but not front-to-back at all.
And surprisingly, they don't let in a whole lotta light in the morning if'n you're expecting a 'natural' wake up.
We were on the Main deck forward...cabins M8 and M10, and we would hear a significant amount of water sloshing against the hull one night when it was pretty windy & rough. Wind was ~40mph (we were hoping to go outside and catch the sea action, but they closed the upper decks so you couldn't go up there at all outside)...perhaps the sloshing won't be noticeable up one deck.

Oh, and there's no clock in the room, nor is there a hair dryer.
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