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Default Almost the same

Originally Posted by Trip View Post
The famous Filenes Basement, is on my list of jobs..Back then it was only in Boston,and drew celebs when they had their Fur Sales,and the Bridal Gown Runs. The cash registers were the size of Volkswagon Beetles..huge!

One of my stations, was to measure, and, sell hosiery..boy am I dating myself. You would say to me, I need a 9 short, 28 inches. I would then have to go through the boxes till I found some..I became "Miss Gotham Gold Stripe".....the object of the Basement was, the longer the merchandise stayed in the store, the lower the price went..then it went to Charity...

Let me tell you..back then I was a size 3..and boy did I get deals!
I had a weekend job when I was in my teens for a very well known Manhattan womans store .The customer would come in and ask for a bra or stockings .The salesperson would call me on the intercom and I would go through all the stock until I found the size .This store which still is open and therefore shall be nameless had a practice of having the stock people re-size .In other words ,if a woman wanted a 40DD bra and there was not one in stock , anything close was sold as same .
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