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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
Kuki, I thought Homeland Security required 72 hours before sailing?

NancyB, as long as you can find a ship with cabin's available you can book up until either 24 or 72 hours .

Generally, the last minute availability will be inside cabins. As long as that's not a problem, go for it! Oh, yeah, if you're flying to the port the airfare will probably be higher last minute. Driving from AR to Galveston would probably be your best bet to keep cost's down.

I agree with Kuki, the best prices are usually right after final payment is due.
I'm honored you think I'm Kuki. Or maybe I'm insulted.

The 72 hour was basically a "cruise myth" that popped up after 9/11. I also believed it because someone I thought I could trust said so. Then I started seeing "last minute" deals that were 48 and 24 hours before sailing. I then did my own research and found out that it had been 72 hours for a VERY short time after 9/11.

The official policy with Carnival is actually 1 hour before sailing but Carnival's booking will only accept bookings 24 hours before sailing but you may be able to book at the pier. Royal Caribbean is also 24 hours before sailing.

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