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Originally Posted by A&B View Post
The real reason they were so late was due to engine failure. They were hiding behind the emergency evac to avoid taking responsiblity for the real reason they were so late. We did not board until 10 p.m. and I got to pay for the passengers last day on board tips x4 while I sat on the hard floor in the terminal with no back support since they would not allow us to sit against the wall. They did not have enough chairs to accommodate everyone which I think is just ridiculous. The cruise did get better as it went along, but after that rough start, I have no intensions of sailing Norwegian again. It just isn't worth the savings of a few hundred dollars to me even if they offer what might look like a 'sweet deal' compared to Carnival or other lines sailing that same week. Just thankful my next 2cruises booked are with Carnival.

could I ask where you got your information the delay had to do with the engine problem and not the passenger who did, evenutally pass away. Do you have any idea how much time was lost by heading to Key West and then back to New Orleans?

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