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George in NY
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Default Re: new Captain's Club

I don't know what will be NEW or different but I will be surprised if it is anything that benefictial, as you say, more of a marketing initiative. I also received it and the first thing that I noted was that they failed to list 12 cruises I took with them. Frankly that kind of annoyed me, that they really paid so little attention to tracking regular and good customers. They do provide an area to update the list.

The recent UPDATE/NEW Crown and Viking club failed to appear to enhance previous bennies, in fact I note they eliminated the percentage off in ship stores. A friend that sailed very recently said they now provide a coupon book onboard for discounts. That means simply what they can't get rif of I would imagine.

Everything with the lines is now the BOTTOM line. Sometimes ALL BUSINESS bottom lines is what grinds a business to a halt. Being a REPEAT customer has never been a real big plus for those that are. Most of anything they send you can be either duplicated or surpassed by off the street deals. Even the WELCOME parties have become selling events, kind of like attending a time share event.

Even the Celebrity one cat gauranteed upgarde often has limited value. In example, booking the Galaxy Cat 2 Baltimore cannot pay cat 3, well you can but it is HIGHER than cat 2 price thus no one cat upgrade benefit. Small print also notes no inside to outside, no ocean view to suite and so forth. So value is often only between cats with limited benefit of upgrade.

The major benefit of Captains Clubs is priority embarkation and that is only really benefiticial if you arrive and pplace is packed.

George in NY - Hoping SOME really figures out that frequent cruisers are worth REAL benefits...
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